Faith, Food and Fitness combines my legal training, my ballet training, yoga training, Reiki training, fitness training and my life-long study of nutrition/nutrition-based healing. It also draws from my experience recovering from a sexual assault, a divorce that left me financially devastated and a battle with alcohol/prescription drugs that took me to depths of despair. After surviving those challenges, getting sober and rebuilding my life on a much stronger foundation – I am a true believer in the power of self-healing!!! Even in the face of traumatic life events, illness, horrible stress and transitions into new phases of life, we can heal ourselves with food, with exercise and with a clear understanding of what whole woman healing means to you (and your family). Hint: let’s start in a safe, toxin-free, chemical-free living space! We can navigate that together. I can teach you about supplements that are right for you. However, nutrition (not dieting) will be our focus. You will learn to look at food as the source of your health, youth, immunity and vitality. We will heal your “gut” and make some simple changes to beat those cravings that sabotage your best intentions. Then, you will be in a great place to make some life-long adjustments that will make you look and feel amazing.

But this isn’t just about food, this is whole woman healing. I am deeply spiritual. I believe that a truly healthy life truly combines Faith, Food and Fitness. Modern medicine is missing the mark and people are getting sicker, unhappier and unhealthier. What I do in my private practice is help people find health, peace, comfort, stability and self-acceptance through building a spiritual practice, a synergistic relationship with food and finding real joy in moving their bodies. Your spiritual practice can be anything that takes you “beyond” yourself, broadens your mind and increases your capacity to “be one with” everyone. You may not have that yet…we can find something you will enjoy. Many people find a bridge to their spirituality through traditional yoga and/or learning to meditate. If those are areas you would like to explore, we can work on those together.

Yoga can be a fitness tool for some, but some people need more. I started working in the fitness industry when I turned 16 and have kept up with all the trends. I am still at the gym 5 days a week. So, I’m happy to put together a plan to help you reach your fitness goals. Are you starting to see how this works? It is a puzzle and you have to start putting all the pieces together!

Lastly, there are very serious things that stand in our way on the road to total wellness – illness, trauma, addictions, toxic relationships, eating disorders – we will work on those issues too. A great way to work on painful situations that we are either avoiding or holding onto is through energy healing or Reiki. I am a certified Reiki Master and trained in different modalities of energy-based healing. That may sound really New Age to you, but energy healing is just quantum physics put into practice! It is profound and must be experienced to truly be appreciated. Honestly, I was referred to Reiki by a doctor for “stress” years ago and I went (thinking it was going to be a joke)…it was a life-changing experience. It was one of the first on many that I have had in my journey.

My hope for you is that you can find a deep sense of connection with yourself.

Much health to you,

Jessica Faith